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The Only Faced The Rangers All-Stars 2013


Anyone can vote for the All-Star team. It’s a pretty easy process. Most fans stuff the ballot boxes at their home ballparks and online with votes only for players on their favorite team. Others, like me, vote for who we feel are the most deserving, despite our fanhood. Before going further, here are my picks for this year’s AL All-Star team:

1B: Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles (and former Texas Ranger)

2B: Jason Kipnis, Cleveland Indians (sorry, Ian)

SS: J.J. Hardy, Baltimore Orioles (sorry, Elvis)

3B: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers (VERY sorry, Adrian)

C: Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

LF: Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

CF: Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles

RF: Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers (FINALLY!)

DH: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

See? That was pretty easy. And most of the picks would get little argument, except from die-hard fans of other teams.

What I love to do here every year is pick a different kind of All-Star team. This is a team picked strictly on the basis of how they’ve done this year against the Texas Rangers. No Rangers allowed on this team. This year, no Baltimore Orioles player stands a chance either, as the Rangers have yet to play the Birds in 2013. The fun part of this exercise is at times seeing the most unexpected names that just happened to have had inordinate success against the Rangers. Against everyone else, they settle back down to the mediocrity we’ve come to expect from them.


Herewith is the AL All-Star team, based only on their 2013 results against the Rangers:

1B: Adam Lind, Toronto Blue Jays  

Lind’s been injured this season and many have labelled him as one of those players who’s never going to consistently play up to his potential. You could have fooled Texas with that assessment. Lind has blistered the Rangers to the tune of a.433 BA with 3 HR and 10 RBI , 1.188 OPS.

2B: Howie Kendrick, Los Angeles Angels  

Kipnis has done well in limited AB’s vs. Texas, but Kendrick, who has been a pest against Texas for a few years now, in more AB’s has 2 HR, 6 RBI and a 1.052 OPS.

SS: Marwin Gonzalez, Houston Astros  

This position was pretty equal top to bottom. The now minor-leaguer Gonzalez gets extra points for the 9th inning single that broke up Yu Darvish‘s perfect game bid. Over a .400 hitter vs. Texas in 10 AB’s.

3B: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers  

No doubt about this one matching up with reality. Cabrera has torched Texas pitching for a .563 BA with 3 HR, 6 RBI and an astronomical 1.861 OPS.

C: Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Boston Red Sox  

Former Ranger Salty is hitting .294 against his former team with a home run. The likely true AL All-Star, Joe Mauer, is 0-15 this year against Texas.

LF: Seth Smith, Oakland A’s  

Smith has been a thorn in the Rangers’ side in 2013, blistering Texas pitching for a .368 BA with four doubles, a home run and 5 RBI.

CF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston Red Sox  

Nope, not Mike Trout, who has mostly played CF against the Rangers. He’s hitting a meager .130 against Texas in 2013. Ellsbury, on the other hand, is at .421 with a couple of doubles and a stolen base.

RF: Ichiro Suzuki, New York Yankees  

Believe it or not, Josh Hamilton had this one locked down with a .360 mark against Texas (albeit with 0 HR and 0 RBI) until the Rangers visited New York this week. Ichiro looked like the All-Star of old, going .462 with two home runs and 3 RBI in 3 games against Texas.

DH: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

Travis Hafner had the better batting average at .375, but Ortiz gets the nod at just .250 because it came with power: 2 doubles, a triple and 2 home runs, along with 8 RBI. Ortiz made every hit count against Texas: 5 of his 6 hits were for extra bases.

There you have it. Only two of nine positions are players that are likely to represent the AL this year in the All-Star game. Of the other seven, probably only two of them will even make the All-Star team as a substitute. That’s two at best. Thanks to ESPN for providing the splits to compile these stats.

The David Ortiz Rumor

The first free agent rumor salvo has been fired.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox tweeted the Texas Rangers have “serious interest” in maybe soon to be free agent David Ortiz, most recently of the Boston Red Sox. Ortiz, according to Rosenthal, would fill the power void of the most-likely departing Josh Hamilton.

Color me skeptical. And color me uninterested.

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox points to th...

David Ortiz, Future Ranger? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While it’s true Ortiz’ hitting coach the past six years is now the Rangers’ hitting coach, I don’t think that would be enough to pry him away from a team he loves and a city he loves. And even if he was truly interested in leaving Boston, I do not want him in Texas.

Sure, he’s a left-handed bat which translates well at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. But Ortiz has also spent considerable time on the disabled list the past two seasons and, at age 37, isn’t likely to find optimal health on a regular basis again. Additionally, as I pointed out a couple of months ago, I’ve changed my thinking on the designated hitter as it applies to contending American League teams and I don’t want the Rangers’ DH as one of the main power positions in the offensive line-up.

Should the Rangers get back to the Fall Classic, having one of your premier power hitters as the DH would pretty much ensure you must put them on the field at the NL ballpark. Ortiz has only played a handful of games in the field over the past two seasons and would be a huge defensive liability. Instead, I prefer a DH that is no better than the fifth most productive hitter on your team. That way, having him on the bench on the road in the World Series wouldn’t significantly affect your offensive line-up.

This Rangers-Ortiz rumor is probably just a plant to help Ortiz’ bargaining power with the Red Sox. I see Ortiz signing to finish his career in Boston.

Now if you want to talk about a free agent slugger, how about talking Adam LaRoche, who just turned down his mutual option with the Nationals. He’s got power and he could play the field.


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